MacroLife Success Stories

MacroLife Success Stories

We love to hear from the many people who use Miracle Reds® and Macro Greens®! Here’s just a few comments from dieters, athletes of all levels, health-conscious consumers and leading retailers about Miracle Reds® and Macro Greens®.


Kristy Swanson

“I take my prenatal vitamins with DHA, and I drink this stuff called Miracle Reds and Macro Greens . It’s so good for you and the baby”
Kristy Swanson, (Quote from Pregnancy & Newborn, February 2007 Volume2, Issue 1)



Diet & Health Conscious Consumers
“Your Macro Greens has definitely given me an increase in my energy nd stamina. I have been on a lot of prescription medications for AIDS. These medications have created digestive and bowel problems. Macro Greens really helps my digestion.”

Thomas M, Oakland, CA
“Soon after we began using Macro Greens we really started feeling great. We have more energy throughout the day and a solid inner power and strength. However we were without our Macro Greens for 2 months!! Wow did we notice the difference. To avoid ever being without our Macro Greens we went on auto ship. My husband and I drink our Macro Greens every morning. Because I suffer from MS I am very careful with the supplements I take. I love the way Macro Greens just sustains me beautifully. My husband and I highly recommend Macro Greens to everyone.”

Bill & Mary P, Tallahassee, FL
“I love the Macro Greens. When I have a smoothie in the morning I’m usually not too hungry until late afternoon. Thanks”

Diane C, Orem, U
“You were right I just love your Macro Greens !!!! The longer I take it the better my system reacts. I can tell the difference in my hair and nails. My hair and nails are no longer brittle and dry. Both are thicker, stronger and shinier. My bowels were never as regular as they should have been, but with Macro Greens my elimination is regular.”

Darlene C, Waianai, HI
“I started taking Macro Greens early this year and I only had one migraine in three months, usually I would get 3 or more migraines a month. I have been out of Macro Greens for a short while and I have had 5 migraines already. Macro Greens have made a big difference for me and I’m very happy with this wonderful product.”

Monica T, Los Angeles, California
“I have been using this product for about 3 to 4 years. I work three jobs and I never need to call in sick. I always have plenty of energy. My daughter and I both had abnormal pap’s but since we both have taken the Macro Greens our pap’s have been negative results. I am almost 60 and I am not taking any medication from a doctor. I am very pleased with this product and would recommend this product to anyone I come in contact with. I encourage many other people to look into this product.”

Arlene B, Sierra Vista, Arizona

Doctors and Other Nutritional Health Professionals

“It’s recommended that we eat five servings of fruits and vegetable a day for our health. Studies show that less than 10% of the population actually will eat that. Without the phytonutrients from our produce we are increasing the odds of having health problems down the road. Most Americans make very poor food choices and we are literally digging our graves with our forks and spoons!

The nutrients in Macro Greens are exactly what the Doctor ordered. Actually supplying more phyotonutrients per serving than the five servings of fruits and vegetables. Not only are there a vast number of nutrients but also the quantities are in useful amounts. I have done greens products for years and have never had a product of such high quality and palatability as Macro Greens. This is absolutely one product that literally millions of Americans will benefit from. Take it, your body will love you for it.”

Dr. David Elliot, N.D.
“I was pleased to evaluate your Macro Greens nutritional product using a variety of testing tools and was pleasantly surprised to see very positive results. In addition, upon using the product I also noticed a genuine feeling of well-being and substantially more energy. In my twenty-two years of practice as a Chiropractic physician, I have not been as excited about a complete nutritional product as I am about Macro Greens.

I will enthusiastically recommend it to my patients and to anyone who wishes to reduce the effects of stress, protect themselves from the dangers of oxidative metabolic reactions, increase performance, and obtain optimal state-of-the-art nutrition in one complete product.”

Ronald S. Dunn, D.C.
“In my book Radiation and Chemotherapy for Cancer, I point out the importance of green drinks in supplying essential nutrients when cancer patients do not feel like eating and when they are restoring their health after treatments. I have read a lot of labels and tasted many products - Macro Greens is my choice.”

Dr. Alene Christiano
Some Words From Our Retailers
Award: “Most Successful Supplement Product Ever” Retail Sales Total: $60,000+ in sales in 5-week period

SoCal Buyer: Lecia Rhand, Whole Foods Market
“Beyond status quo. The Quality Ingredients used in Macro Greens speak for themselves.”

Steve Taylor – Wholefoods, Phoenix, AZ
“The response from my customers to Macro Greens has been overwhelming. My store started with a very small order but due to demand, we now order 12 cases at a time! Macro Greens has become so popular that customers are switching from other “greens” to Macro Greens and many consider it a staple for their daily nutrition routine. Thank you for such a wonderful product.”

Robin Enwright, HABA Buyer-Manager

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